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Discounts for Seniors & Low Income

Wether you’re feeling your age (55 or order), on disability, or fallen on hard times, we believe that CBD can help everyone. That’s why we’ve partnered with a company called Verify Pass to help us verify your eligibility for 30% OFF your next order.

Save 30%

Verify Your Senior, disability or Low Income Status to receive 30% Off Your Next Order.

What is VerifyPass?

VerifyPass is a company we've partnered with to provide secure identity proofing, authentication for all of our specialty discounts, such as military, police, fire, teachers, students, medical staff, seniors, SSDI recipients, and those on low income.

Who qualifies for the discount?

If you fit in any of the lists below, you qualify!

  • Senior citizens aged 55 and over
  • SSDI recipients
  • EBT/SNAP recipients
  • Unemployment benefits recipients

I'm not on the list (Who qualifies for the discount?). Can I still get a discount?

We offer a at least 15% Off if you participate in our Subscribe & Save program. If you're itching for a coupon, use GET5NOW. The coupon applies to both one time purchases & subscriptions. We also offer better coupons if you subscribe to our newsletter .

What if I my eligibility for SSDI/EBT/SNAP or Unemployment changes? Can I still save 30%?

We don't have the answer for that. All we can tell you is that we rely on VerifyPass to provide you with the discount or not. Just go and verify your status with VerifyPass , and we'll find out!

Does my 30% Off coupon apply to subscriptions?

Yes... and no.

The 30% off applies to the first purchase in the subscription only. If you would like the 30% off to apply to all future orders, please place your first order with the custom coupon Verify Pass provided. After you've placed your order, give us a call and we'll update your subscription so you have a permenant 30% off for the lifetime of the subscription.